Adopt a School Campaign

Adopt a school: The Muzomuhle Primary School Project

The Ubunye Unity Trust’s inaugural project aims to fulfil the needs and ensure the delivery of essential services to the Muzomuhle Primary School in Diepsloot, near Randburg, Gauteng in South Africa. The school has over 2000 children, whom all compete for desks and chairs in crowded classrooms that vary from new brick-built rooms to shipping containers. With your assistance we’d like to ensure that the children of Muzomuhle Primary School are able to learn in an environment that is equipped and conducive to studying and will ensure that they complete the essential education that is necessary to develop them into the adults of tomorrow.

A short history of Muzomuhle Primary School

Muzomuhle Primary School started off with facilities for 200 children in 1995 and then, with the help of Safmarine who provided a number of shipping containers in 1997, extended the classroom facilities to seat a another 600 students. Further donations during the period of 1997 – 2003 from Delta Airlines, as well as from other local prep schools and other donors, enabled the school to build a few more brick classrooms. In 2006, the Gauteng Education Department added another 17 new classrooms enabling the school to have 1,621 children and 46 teachers. Unfortunately, very soon thereafter the demand for learning facilities grew and by 2012 there were 1,943 students and 51 teachers occupying the limited learning space.  This means that the children are now in severely overcrowded classrooms, with many being forced to sit on the floor due to the shortage of desks and chairs as well as classroom capacity.

A topical classroom.

Administration office.

The Library is virtually empty.

What can be done?

The Ubunye Unity Trust have offered to assist  the Muzomuhle Primary School in raising the necessary funds to fulfil their basic requirements to enable those children  predominantly from disadvantaged homes – to learn in a decent and nurturing environment with the adequate facilities. The school management is also participating in a programme to improve teaching, governance and management and also has support provided by various donor organisations to assist with feeding and clothing those children from families badly affected by HIV/Aids.

What do they need?
Muzomuhle Primary School have sent us a list of their requirements, and with your help, we’d like to help equip this school in order to provide the environment the learners need to complete their studies.

  1. Desks and chairs in the classrooms. We aim to provide 50 desks and 100 chairs.
  2. Equipping the library: the library has very few books, and also contains no furniture. We aim to supply the library with basic tables and chairs
  3. The school hall is very leaky. We aim to repair the roof in the school hall.