Ubunye is a 100% volunteer organisation and has been started to give those people that are passionate about South Africa an opportunity to contribute to South African public benefit initiatives.

Our current initiatives are fundraising for our adopted school – Muzomuhle Primary School in Diepsloot and raising funds to help Save the Rhino. Muzomuhle Primary School are in need of many basic requirements and the only way we can break the poverty cycle is to ensure that people are able to get a decent basic education. It is near impossible to do this if you are cold, hungry and do not have functioning classrooms.

We recognize that people want to help but are not always willing or able to take the next step and through our unique network we hope to make it easier for people to do exactly that. Ubunye means “the Power of Unity”. We at Ubunye believe that any challenge can be overcome if we stand together, using our diversified background and expertise to make a difference.


Thanks for your support!